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About Us

What is mindVoke

mindVoke is a cloud-based virtual reality platform that lets users create VR world without coding. It is an imagination sharing platform for everyone


Web/Desktop Apps to create VR worlds


Mobile Apps for experiencing Virtual Reality


Upload your assets and earn money

Sharing System

Integrated sharing system to share your creation / experience / assets on marketplace

Who is it for?

  • Real Estate Designer

  • Import your existing design and impress your clients.


    Suitable for

    Interior Designer


  • Game Maker

  • Create your simple VR games

    and impress your friends


    Suitable for


    Stealth (Soon)

  • Virtual Explorers and Gamers

  • Experience many VR Contents

    made by the community.

  • Digital Artists

  • Make use of your assets

    and earn money.

Real Estate Designers

mindVoke helps you to deliver visual ideas and imaginations to clients. This prevents clients to misinterpret the room scale and atmosphere. With our cloud based system, clients can view it anywhere and anytime.

Game Makers

mindVoke is a zero-coding platform for you to make VR games. Just imagine what do you want to make and start creating with mindVoke. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any programming skill or design skill. You can use our prepared 3D assets to make your own world now.

Virtual Explorers & Gamers

Explore the world of mind created by community with your smartphone and your favorite VR Headset.


Digital Artists (3D Artist & Sound Artist)

Now you can earn money by populating the world of mindVoke with digital contents (e.g., 3D Models, Characters, Musics, SFXs). Simply make a new account, upload your contents, and set the price tag. When a user is interested with your contents, the transaction happens.